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Coming in 2019

We equip passionate young Africans with mindsets, resources, skillsets, and expertise in emerging and exponential technologies to lead exponential development in African communities. Graduates of the Diploma Program go through the following stages:

Stage 1: Orientation (3 months)

The first-stage curriculum is devoted to preparing the students in the core competencies laying a foundation to the journey of positive impact. This stage focuses on developing the habits of mind and foundational concepts that underlie the six core competencies that are a common foundation for every student of our institute.

  • Curiosity and Experimentation
  • Critical thinking
  • Creative thinking
  • Philanthropy
  • Resilience and grit
  • Imagination

    The Courses are structured to produce an all rounded student in the six competencies at the end of the Orientation. The Orientation courses concepts will be subsequently applied to topics in the emerging technologies which start in the Direction (Stage 2). In this way, a single concept is explored across various fields — nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, sustainable energy, robotics, digital manufacturing. The Orientation courses — provide the breadth and depth of knowledge that will be the academic and personal foundation for the four stages to follow.

    Orientation Courses

    1. Scientific Method
    This course focuses on thinking critically and creatively. Students are trained in advanced rational thought, statistics, computational thinking, and formal systems — all of which will help you formulate, analyze, and solve complex challenges. Students become familiar with the central methods used in the natural sciences, enabling them to frame problems effectively, develop and test hypotheses, and engage in informed conjecture.

    2. Sustainability
    This course focuses on key knowledge areas of sustainability theory and practise, ecosystems, global change, energy, agriculture, water, environmental economics and policy, and ethics.

    3. The Internet of Things
    The Internet of Things course focuses on the importance of IOT in the society, the current components of typical IOT devices and trends in the future. Students will be introduced to some computer programming languages which will be used in the later stages.

    4. Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    This course focuses on the fundamental concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation. Students will be trained to align technology entrepreneurship and impact entrepreneurship. They are equipped with techniques for identifying opportunities, assessing opportunity, hypothesis testing and creating prototypes. Inventions and Intellectual issues will be covered in this course as well.

    Stage 2: Immersion (3 months)

    In the second stage, students get immersed in emerging technology, and sustainable energy courses. The courses have been designed to equip the students with mindsets, emerging technologies expertise and technical skills, and exponential production philosophies to help them solve Africa’s biggest challenges.

    Immersion Courses

    • 3D printing and Synthetic Biology
    • Sustainable energy
    • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
    • Nanotechnology
    • Internet of Things

    Stage 3: Connection (3 months)

    For deeper and broad immersion into emerging technologies and science, students spend a large part of this stage touring the world’s leading institutions in emerging technologies and sustainability. This exposes our students to broad and new frameworks for transforming African communities using science and technologies merged with entrepreneurship and sustainability principles. All Immersion courses overlap into the Connection stage. The Connection stage students make connections with diverse allies of like-minded individuals as well as institutions working to make positive impact in the world.

    Stage 4: Synthesis (3 months)

    The Capstone project — the culmination of the passion, expertise and skills — begins in the Synthesis stage. In teams, students work on projects which solve a real challenges facing Africa today using emerging technologies and sustainable science and business principles learned. By envisioning, planning, and producing an integrated application of skills and interests, the student teams are able to create something that is both personally compelling and truly novel to their project

    Stage 5: Start-up

    The Capstone project is completed and presented during Start-up, a two-month long program where teams work with professionals and experienced entrepreneurs to turn the Capstone projects into Start-up Companies. During this conclusion to the Academy experience, teams of students present their Capstone work to an audience of faculty, fellow students, and members of the broader community. The Capstone projects are then evaluated according to the standards relevant to the chosen field. A successful Capstone will effectively propel the students into the next stage of their life, a Start-up company.

    The Academy supports the students in implementing their start-ups. The start-ups are financially backed by Noor Fund, the academy’s crowdfunding platform.


    Science and Technology Camps

    Stunning bootcamps that help young passions realise their capabilities in science and technology as well as transforming their passions through inspiring hands-on activities in emerging technologies and sustainability.

    Sustainability Young Scientist

    Encouraging young Africans to contribute to a future plan for the planet is essential. This program empowers and connects young people, harnessing their energy and passion to turn their ideas into implementable plans for a sustainable planet.

    Noor App

    Forum for inspiring passions